The fastest way to great playing

This might not be what you want it to be.

With almost every student I have, I see one common thing:

They practice too fast.

If you would like to be super great at playing the cello, you need to practice SLOW.

You probably know this already, but maybe you don't know how to do it or you dont want to do it. It can sometimes feel like something boring and tedious that you HAVE to to do. But if you think about it this way, then it WILL become something boring and tedious.

How can we change our mindset and make slow practice into something that we enjoy?

1. Learn to appreciate the slow things in life.

In our fast-paced world it is considered high value to always be in a hurry or to always be busy. If you want to become great at practising, it is wise to start appreciating the slow practice, and you can start by appreciating the other things in life that is slow. For instance, when you sit down for a coffee, enjoy the moment of peace and quiet, and try not to hurry. We want to reprogram your brain into thinking slow is good!

2. Change the way you think

Change the words you are using. If you catch yourself thinking that "slow practice is boring", then stop immediately! Change it to something like this: "I love slow practice because it calms me down". Or: "I choose to practice slow because I KNOW it is going to help me reach my goals". Your body will respond differently to different words. Notice what changes in your body!

3. Calm your nervous system!

Often it is not you yourself that are fast-paced, it can be your nervous system. If you feel restless, your mind is scattered all over the place or you feel stressed out, this could be you. It is super common to have a nervous system that is stressed. But just because something is common, does not make it normal! Or healthy. Use this trick to calm yourself down before practising: Tap your face with two fingers, with one hand, on these places: the eyebrow, corner of the eye, under the eye, under the nose and on the chin. Repeat three or four times. This exercise is super effective, and is inspired by EFT/tapping.

I really hope this helps! Try it out and see if you like it. Do you want more on this topic? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Happy practising!

All the best,

Ragnhild x

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