Scared of recording yourself? Read this.

This year I will record six different albums, and I am confronted with my fear of not being perfect.

When I play concerts I am not as bothered because the music only exists in the moment, and the audience rarely remembers small imperfections. But when you record it is a different story. The music could in theory be there for all time, and my name will also be connected with the recording.

At first I was a bit intimidated. What if it is not «good enough»? I could be judged as a bad cellist for the rest of my life! What a disaster!

Or not.

It has been a liberating feeling to do my best in the moment, and then let it go. The results are probably never gonna be as good as they «should be» in my head. But the result is good enough.

I have deliberately prepared myself as best as I can, but not over-prepared either. Then we have edited, mixed and mastered. And then I let it go.

The music I record will probably never be perfect, but who says it has to be perfect to mean something to others? You are not the one to decide if other people are inspired by your work, THEY are.

So the thing that you want to do, go do it. You never know what kid of impact it might have on other peoples lives.

Is there anything in your life that you want to do, but don’t do because you are scared? Are you scared of it not being good enough?

What is the worst that could happen if you did it anyways?

What is the BEST that could happen?

One of my favourite quotes are: «90% are good enough». And usually it is.

Happy practicing!

Best wishes

from Ragnhild xx

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