Make a huge jump into your goal

I want to share an exercise with you, that will help you make a jump into your goal, instead of waiting or working more before you are there.

It is really super simple:

When you sit down to practice your instrument, notice your thoughts around your next goal or next level of playing.

What are your goal that you are working towards right now?

What would happen if you decided that you did not have to work anymore, before you are already there?

Say if you are working on your intonation, you might think that you need to practice a lot on intonation every day in order to improve. While there is nothing wrong with that, this could mean that you never arrive at your goal.

Because: it implies that you need to do something before you are at your goal. This way you create an eternal process where you are part of a never ending story. You actually create the space between where you are and where you want to be. Your practice then becomes part of the daily chores that never end, like doing dishes or washing your clothes, and thus also something that you might dread doing.

Now lets try a new approach:

How about when you sit down to practice, you play a game with your mind. You decide to think and act like your goal is already achieved, and that you have arrived.

If your goal is to play perfectly in tune this could look something like this:

You decide that from now on all the notes that you play automatically are in tune.

You decide that your standards of intonation are now sky high, and you play with ease.

You decide that it is easy to play in tune, and that your body does it automatically.

You decide that your fingers would automatically adjust super fast when needed.

You decide that your thoughts around this are always positive and empowering.

You have impeccable faith in yourself and your abilities to play in tune.

You notice that it can be easy to play in tune, and you start to take it for granted.

You notice that by thinking these thoughts alone you create a whole new approach.

You notice that by thinking these thoughts you start playing in tune.

You notice that by thinking these thoughts alone, you uplevel your playing big time.

You notice that your new normal becomes higher than ever, and that it feels easy to go even bigger.

I want you to try this out! See what happens. How does it change your playing? How does it change your mood?

You might start to see that your playing actually improves faster than ever, and that this thought-process can accelerate you into your goal. This is because you change you blueprint in your mind, your own perception of your own playing. And in order to uplevel your playing you need to first uplevel your self image.

Give it a try and see what you think! Let me know how it goes!

Happy practising! All the best from Ragnhild x

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