How other peoples success can ACTUALLY help you

Have you ever been jealous of other peoples success?

Have you ever judged others for following their dreams?

I think in some way, we all have. It is not always so easy to be happy for another person, when they are living a life that seems better than yours.

But, have you noticed, that you are only jealous of some others peoples success, and not others?

There are definitely people out there having great success, and you could not care less.

As a musicians, it would be typical to be jealous of other musicians, and not lawyers, scientists, shop-owners or circus-artists.

Why? Because that is not YOUR dream!

We are only jealous of people who has achieved the success that we also want for ourselves.

So please examine your jealousy: is the person you are jealous of doing something that YOU in secret would like to do?

Is this person doing something that you probably could do just as well, or even better, if you just dared to do it?

Think of your jealousy as a guide from now on. It is guiding you to what your soul wants you to do.

And sometimes it is not even a big thing, it could be that you just try out something new or something different.

From now on, I would like you to challenge yourself. Every time your friends or someone you know achieves a goal or does something cool: go celebrate them!

Not only will it make them feel good, it will also make YOU feel good.

And if you feel good, you attract good things into your life.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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