Change your energy in just one day

Sometimes our energy is too low, and we are struggling to find our happy place in life. It is absolutely possible to get our of a rut in just one day, if you know what to do.

Here is how you can make the shift in just one day:

1. Move your body. The first thing I want you to do is to move your body for 20-30 minutes. Do something you like. It could be walking, yoga, weightlifting, running, whatever. Dont feel like moving? Even more important that you do it.

2. Take a shower, put on clean clothes, use the best smelling cream, do your hair, do your make-up, and get ready for the day. Even if you don’t go out of the house, it is important to feel good about yourself.

3. Clean your space. Even if its just a little part of you space, spend 30 minutes cleaning your bathroom, tidying your desk or changing the sheets of your bed.

4. Go outside. See some people, even if its just the cashier at the grocery store, or people at the bus. Get the fresh air. Go somewhere you like, a park or a café. Ask someone if you can pet their dog.

5. Call a friend or your family. Say how you really feel.

6. Drink some water with lemon or lime in it. It helps your body and will refresh you. I also like green juice and tea to cheer me up.

7. Get some work done. Go answer that one e-mail that you have been dreading, or practice your instrument for half an hour. It will make you feel better.

8. Meditate! I recommend this one by Dr. Joe Dispenza:

I hope this could be helpful to you if you are feeling a bit stuck!

All the best wishes from Ragnhild <3

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