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Timani is a physical approach to playing an instrument or singing. Learn to use your body in the best way and you can improve sound, intonation, rhythm, prevent injuries, become more confident and feel more secure on stage. Open for all instrumentalists, singers and conductors!


"Timani offers a great revelation of how to use the body in the most efficient way for musicians. It is both very theoretical and anatomical, and very practical in a natural and personal way."

– Hallfridur Olafsdottir, solo flute Iceland symphony orchestra

"Timani is extremely helpful for musicians in order to improve the body awareness, and getting more support from the body when playing."

– Bryndis Björgvinsdottir, cello, Iceland symphony orchestra

"I highly recommend Timani! It gives clarity in why we do what we do. And it gives us tools to access our natural way of moving."

– Stine Aarønes, violinist, Norwegian Radio Orchestra

"Timani will give you amazing possibilities for development as a musician and human being!"

– Beate Mordal, opera singer

"Timani has given me increased physical strength and access to power and energy that I can apply in musical situations. It has now become easier for me to express what I want musically because my body is being used optimally."

– Victoria Johnson, violinist


Good news! There is an online community!


Timani Community is an online membership for musicians who want to:

  • Learn relevant anatomy that makes playing feel more effortless 

  • Get rid of physical blocks that stop full expression of musical potential 

  • Enhance mental focus and become more present and confident whilst performing 

  • Understand and help students use their bodies more efficiently 

  • Join a community of like minded musicians exploring human potential in a non-competitive environment 

Whatever your musical background, instrument or genre,
your body is always there, influencing how you play. 

Time to make it work for you.